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Seamlessly Integrate to Third-Party Devices

The nLight® networked lighting control system seamlessly integrates to third-party devices through the nLight AIR System Input Device (rSI). Reduce rewiring and reuse devices by connecting the rSI to existing controls, such as fire alarms, security alarms, pillow switches, specialized switches for harsh environments, and many other interfaces. Upgrade your next project with the rSI.

Transforming Infrastructure: Enhancing Public Spaces with Innovative Lighting and Controls

Infrastructure lighting is transforming bridges, walkways, and tunnels into memorable landmarks, departing from the traditional approach. Advancements in lighting technology and urban design have sparked a trend towards visually appealing structures. 

First Town In The World Adopts Red Street Lights

A small town in the Netherlands, Zuidhoek-Nieuwkoop, has become the first town in the world to install red street lights. The primary motivation was to protect local, rare bat populations. The red light isn’t perceived by the bats but allows humans to see at night. The red street lights are manufactured by the Dutch lighting giant Signify.

Join the 2024 IES Light and Human Health Education Tour

IES is expanding the impact of standards-based education by curating a unique educational tour experience.

Elevate Your Outdoor Lighting with Chroma Connect by Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

Instantly transform your outdoor living space with Vista Pro’s “App to Fixture” Chroma Connect RGBW landscape lighting system. Vibrant, full spectrum colors and pleasing shades of white light provide homeowners infinite color customization.