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Case Study: Large Pulp and Paper Company, Manufacturing Facilities Across North America

The manufacturing company was investigating its LED lighting options for optimizing energy consumption, containing capital costs, and taking advantage of a local utility rebate that was soon to expire. Cooper Lighting Solutions was brought in to conduct a full, investment-grade energy audit. Following the audit, the proposal Cooper Lighting Solutions presented identified the appropriate product solutions for meeting the customer’s environmental challenges.

Introducing E3MAX from Isolite

A Versatile Modular Inverter System

The Isolite E3MAX is a modular inverter with a user-friendly, password-protected interface and optional web monitoring. It boasts 98% efficiency and a pure sine wave output with less than 3% THD.

Introducing Neo-Ray Omni

Omni from Neo-Ray is where form meets function with delightful results. Omni is attractive, contemporary lighting designed with eye comfort in mind.

How Wireless DMX Orchestrates Architectural Lighting Scenes Without Cables

Architectural lighting has become more widespread due to energy efficiency, easy installation, and long life.

1050 UP & ACCENT SERIES - Powerful, Compact Illumination for Large Properties

1057 and 1059 luminaires from Vista Architectural Lighting are multi-purpose up & accent floodlights designed for highlighting architectural and landscape features.