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Project Profile: BioLabs

BioLabs Pegasus Park wanted lighting solutions that would perfectly suit the revamp of its 37,000 sq ft co-working lab and office facilities in North Texas. Zaneen was specified by CRB Architects, Engineering and Construction to highlight the concept of science on display with a combination of organic structures and unique fixtures.

Available Now: Portfolio 4-inch and 6-inch Downlights

Portfolio is excited to announce brand new 4 and 6-inch downlights and wall wash. Enhanced benefits include new easy single catalog number logic, industry leading performance, ease of installation and end user visual comfort. 

ELF: Flush Mounted Architectural Emergency Light

Introducing the New ELF: Flush Mounted Architectural Emergency Light!

A Day in the Life of Lumetta’s Art Director

Get the inside scoop from Lumetta's Art Director, Stephanie Wheatley.

Case Study: Reavis High School - Hanke Stadium

Located in Burbank, IL, Reavis High School is a public school with an enrollment of nearly 2,000 students. Recently, the community made the decision to update the existing failing lights to Hanke Stadium as well as add lighting to the newly constructed adjacent soccer stadium. Newly installed Ephesus systems at Reavis deliver capabilities that will help bring the community out to events in a safely lit environment that injects excitement and community spirit.