LEX News

Product Intro: HALO QuickLink Low Voltage Lighting

QuickLink is a canless low voltage lighting system now available with phase cut dimming control for residential applications.

OCL + BIOS: A Naturally Brilliant Solution

OCL is partnering with BIOS Lighting Solutions, giving you access to a full suite of circadian lighting solutions designed around human wellness.

Lumetta's Lattice & Element: Custom Acoustic Dividers - Creating a Private Environment with Quiet Comfort

Lumetta’s Lattice and Element Custom Acoustic Dividers transform the acoustics and aesthetics of any interior space. Our light-weight sound-absorbing acoustic panels help create separate quiet spaces that look extraordinary while improving the surrounding acoustics and insulating your world.

ALW announces new, industry-leading 11-Year Warranty on their specification-grade architectural linear, cylinder, and ring LED luminaires.

“We are excited to announce our new 11-year warranty and we understand the competitive advantage and value it provides our customers, specifiers, and agents,” - ALW’s CEO, Jeff Croskey.

Streetworks Preserves Pepperell’s Night Sky, while Providing Energy and Maintenance Savings

Cooper Lighting Solutions provided a Dark Sky certified solution that met all desires of Pepperell, a town northwest of Boston, replacing all of their 409 high-pressure sodium light fixtures with LED light fixtures from the Streetworks Archeon Series.