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Feel the difference of Echo Expanse, a powerful new asymmetric performance luminaire from SPI Lighting. Built with next generation LED technology and advanced thermal management, it comfortably illuminates large spaces from the perimeter with glare-free indirect light. Echo Expanse offers maximum flexibility with a huge range of outputs - from 13,700 to 81,060 lumens - and many mounting options.

  • Powerful & efficient: Exceptional efficacy of up to 127 lm/W makes it easy to incorporate high-quality indirect light on even your most energy-conscious projects.
  • Versatility: Echo Expanse is an excellent choice for illuminating natatoriums or other voluminous spaces where visual comfort is a priority.
  • Advanced thermal management: A new proprietary heat sink design effectively dissipates thermal energy, keeping LEDs operating cooler and longer. Tested to operate in high ambient temp environments, up to 40°C integral / 50°C remote.
  • Superior optics: State-of-the-art asymmetric optics direct light deep into the middle of the room. Plus, pendants give you the added ability to specify the optical orientation and control the direction of the light.
  • Discrete aesthetic: A true lighting professional's tool, Echo Expanse combines it all into an understated design that subtly integrates with architecture.

See the full specs of this expansive new family by clicking here!

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