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PFX-3120 LED Wallpack fixtures are long-lasting, low maintenance, energy efficient replacements for Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamp sources designed for commercial and industrial applications. LED wallpacks installed in staireways, tunnels, alleyways, building perimeters, security walls, and packing garages. The LED Wallpack series is constructed from durable die-cast aluminum to protect against rust, corrosion, dirt and insects in outdoor, wet location environments, there operating temperature range is -40°F(-40°C) to + 122°F(+50°C). PFX-3120 LED wall pack fixture designs allow for replacement of much higher voltage fixtures while providing equivalent or higher performance.


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Continua SQ2

The Corelite Continua SQ2 linear series features a sleek profile engineered for maximum visual comfort.

LUMASPORT 16 PRISM - Remote Power System

The Ephesus LumaSport 16 Prism Remote Power System offers the ultimate fully tunable RGB LED sports lighting solution for both new and retrofit applications.

Future-Proof Smart Sensors

Transform illumination management and optimization with our range of factory-installed smart sensors, leading the way in energy efficiency and control.

Tangent Down

Installed within a custom millwork slot, this Tangent™ Down luminaire starts from the floor, travels upwards and uninterruptedly transitions to the horizontal ceiling, forming a curved corner shape, then travels back down the same wall.

Outline Bollard

Outline offers the refined aesthetics and elevated performance suited for urban environments. Outline bollards elegantly define space, intuitively guide traffic, and confidently extend the usability of the outdoors with sculptural, modern form.

Custom linear fixtures

Easily create show-stopping custom linear suspended fixtures with Acolyte's Pixel RibbonLyte and channel extrusions.


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